29 Apr 2005 - Throw Me the Ball. NIKON D70, 18 mm, f 3.5, 1/250 sec, ISO N/A.
29 Apr 2005 - Throw Me the Ball

Kids playing a game on the street where they hit each other with a soft ball and run. The old lady, of course, is hoping to dodge the ball.

Btw, Harpreet (of Tasveer) and I went on a photoshoot yesterday, trying to capture the streets of Bombay. It was a very enjoyable experience, discovering the city through a viewfinder. Thanks Harpreet, for riding the bike ;-)

This was shot in Kotachiwadi locality. The place is a goan village right in the heart of Bombay. Tight streets, small wooden cottages, little gardens around the house ... For someone who is used to the high rises and slums of Bombay, this is a totally unbelievable place! The locality is declared a heritage site to preserve its culture and uniqueness.