1 May 2005 - Scooter and Sack. NIKON D70, 18 mm, f 3.5, 1/1000 sec, ISO N/A.
1 May 2005 - Scooter and Sack

After two black and whites, here is a splash of colour. This is the Eastern Express Highway (yeah right) near Parel. And that ever faithful Bajaj scooter seems to be carrying more than its share of load.

News: The May 2005 issue of Photoblogs Magazine is now online! It gives me immense pleasure to announce that it features an article by me along with some great works by Massimo, Whit, John, Sarah and Pablo and a contest by Nitsa. Go check it out. Finally, thanks and congratulations to Matt for putting the entire thing together, a tremendous effort we appreciate.