Royal Guard. NIKON D70, 35 mm, f 2, 1/3200 sec, ISO 200.
Royal Guard

Fatehpur Sikri 2008.

Update: The Buland Darwaza courtyard in ghost-town Fatehpur Sikri houses the magnificent Jama Masjid and Dargah Saleem Chisti. Fatehpur Sikri was built during 16th century second half by Mughal Emperor Akbar. The mosque and dargah today are managed by the Waqf Board and this is a security guard appointed by them. Note the metal plate on his informal uniform. It reads: Choukidar Dargah Sharif Hazrat Saleem Chisti. The guard's brown skull cap, cane walking stick, thick silver rings in his fingers, the red band with a metal plate around his torso - all created an intriguing portrait for me.