Zishaan Hayath
My Camera Gear
Nikon D70
28mm 2.8
35mm 2.0
50mm 1.4
18-70mm 3.5-4.5

MacBook Air 4Gb
iPhone 4S
iPad 2 32Gb
Nat Geo 5162 bag

Winner of Web18's Fantastic Five travel blogging contest in 2009
Nominated for 'Best S E Asian Photoblog' in 2006 and 'Best S E Asian/Indian Photoblog' in 2005 at Photobloggies
Featured in the Photoblogs Magazine (pdf: may issue, my article)
Contributed to the File Magazine

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A poem by Shyamala Iyer

Copyright Notice
The terms are very simple. Some rights are reserved. You can copy, distribute, display my work as long as you
a. Give me credit (link me or email me)
b. Don't alter my work
c. Don't use it for commercial purpose

Colour Calibration
Colour calibrate your monitor in order to see the pictures exactly the way they were posted (and not a little washed out). You can do it in 5 simple steps.

1. Type "about:config" in the address bar of Firefox 3
2. Click through confirmation page
3. Find: gfx.color_management.enabled
4. Double click to set value to "true"
5. Restart Firefox 3


I am Zishaan Hayath and this is my photoblog. It was made to teach myself some photography while sharing my work with friends and the world. It records my journey as a photographer.

This photoblog was started in Nov 2004 with a hand-coded version hosted on IIT Bombay server. In Apr 2005, I migrated it to Pixelpost. If you would like to use my work, please send me an email.

Write to me at zishaan@gmail.com and follow me on Twitter at @Zishaan