I came across these beautiful lines written by Shyamala Iyer in appreciation of this photoblog. She tells us that these are inspired by "one of Harindranath Chattopadhyay's silly verses". I thought I would put it up here for others to see. Thanks Shyamala!

Look What My Camera Caught
A poem by Shyamala Iyer

Clicked and shot, clicked and shot,
Look at what the camera caught,
A frown here, a smile there,
A tear here, a look there
Lost to the world, food for thought,
Look at what the camera caught!

Dabba walla, phool wali,
Three old men sitting khali,

An antique door, racing horses,
Bright deewar Pepsi wali.
Three on a scooter,
What a lot!
Look at what the camera caught!

Autowalla, hookawalla,
Cyclerickshaw sabse achchaa.
Cycle reloaded with two boris,
Red turban, bakri ka bachchaa,
Hawa Mahal, still so hot,
Look at what the camera caught!
Tired pujari, permanent fruitwalla,
Water bearer, elephant ride,
Rickshawala, taking a nap,
Dost ki shadi, groom and bride,
Parked elephants, dhobi ghat,
Look at what the camera caught!

No smoking sign, self portrait,
Tin mountain on human head,
Boat ride, seaside, fishes and shells,
Little girl with a piece of bread,
Is the sugarcane sweet or not?
Look at what the camera caught!

And on and on this song will go
As long as these pictures flow
Telling a tale in every frame
About this and that, friend and foe
Is it time to stop or what?
Look at what the camera caught!!