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A photoblog by Zishaan M. Hayath

About Me
23, Mumbai, India
I am an undergraduate student at IIT Bombay studying Civil Engineering.

Nominated for 'Best S E Asian / Indian Photoblog' at Photobloggies 2005
Contributed to the File Magazine
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Check me at the Mirror Project

My Cameras and Gear
Nikon FE10 lost
Nikon D70
Yashica Electro35 GSN

50mm f/1.8
18-70mm f/3.5-4.5
70-300mm f/4-5.6 sold
Vivitar 2400 Tripod sold
Yashica 240 Flash

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Adobe Photoshop CS
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HTML and Notepad
Smart FTP
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About this Photoblog
This photoblog, where I try to post one photo a day, was made to teach myself some photography, while sharing my work with friends and the world. It was started in the November of 2004.

Tell me what you like/ dislike about my photographs. Any comments will help me improve my style and motivate me to keep this project going.

The inspiration for this blog came from a lot of photographers and photoblogs around the world, who love and enjoy taking pictures.

The terms are very simple. You can copy, distribute, display my work as long as you
a. Give me credit (link me or email me)
b. Dont alter my work
c. Dont use it for commercial purpose

Technically, it is "some rights reserved". You can read my Creative Commons License here.

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