Techfest 2003 had just got over and the Lecture Series team had decided to go on a picnic to Murud beach. Things were planned and arranged. But you never know whats in store for you. What happened was adventure, I tell you! Pure adventure. I probably had my closest brush with God that day. Here is what was planned:

0045 : We meet at SAC gate
0100 : Sumo arrives
0130 : Leave for Murud
0500 : Reach Murud before sunrise
0900 : Breakfast
1000 : Boating in sail boat at Jaljeera
1300 : Lunch
1400 : Another beach 20km from Murud
1600 : Leave beach
2000 : Return to IIT

Trust Murphy - "If something can go wrong, I probably will". Now here's what actually happened:

0045 : We all met at SAC
0100 : No Sumo!!
0200 : Gogo arrives at SAC to arrange a Sumo
0400 : After infinite running about and calls, a Sumo finally arrives. Hats off to Gogo!
0415 : Stopped at the Main Gate by Security - "You people cannot go out without Warden's letter!"
0430 : Conned Security Incharge at MB and somehow managed to get out of IIT and onto the road.
0630 : And now comes the adventure! Our car hits a truck carrying gas cylinders that parked on the roadside. Windshield breaks down, the front tyre comes off. The incident took place abt 3km from Alibagh.
0830 : Its 8.30 in the morning and lo! We are on the road arranging for alternate transport.

New plans up in the air. Junta said: "Ditch Murud... Lets go to Alibagh beach."

We ditched Murud and hitched a ride in a truck to Alibag beach. But when we got there, we were surprised to see no water on the beach. We asked a tanga-wala where the water was. He said "Paani 12.00 baje aayega."

Played volley for sometime, found a stony place and most of us slept there... scorching sun burning over our heads. And when we woke up (12 baje), we were completely surrounded by water. We somehow managed to get out of that place and came back to the shore.

Had lunch, played in the beach and then bought ferry tickets to get back to Bombay. When we reached the port, we were scared out of our wits when we saw the struggling ferry in the high tides. Adventure galore! And then came the surprise part... the ferry-wala started off with just 11 of us and one old man (in a seating capacity of 50+) in the ferry!! The entire ferry was ours!!

Reached Gateway of India at 7.00 pm and insti at 9.00 pm. Had so much fun... had so many rides (Jeep, Lorry, Bus, train and a ferry)... and the best part was that the plan did not get spoilt because of the incident earlier during the day. I am sure it will be a memorable trip for all of us.

Lecture Series Team
Cordies: Aditya Mittal, Charit Agrawal, Puneet Ahuja, Ratndeep, Venkat; Organisers: Ankit Jain, Anurag Bhatnagar, Avinash Nainavatee, Deepali Singla, Kumar Anshu, Piyush Gupta, Pradeep Kanade, Pradeep Prabhakaran, Priyanka Chaurasia, Vivek John, Vivek Patel, Satish Meena, Shashikiran.

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