Ten Highlights

  1. In China, people speak Chinese and Mandarin. To imagine that you will get away speaking just English would be gross over-estimation. Keep your sign language ready!
  2. The Western media has often conveniently bundled the Dragon and the Tiger into the same boat. Now I think it's plain stupid to think India and China as similar countries in terms of development. Going by Shanghai, China is more closer to the West than it is to India.
  3. Chinese don't drink water along with the meals. I once asked a waiter for water and at first he was confused. Then he brought me a glass of water that was luke warm.
  4. They call the tea "Tchaah" in chinese language which is much closer to hindi version "Chai"
  5. Well, take it easy if you find frogs in your meal. It's normal and nothing that should surprise you.
  6. Much in the communal way of life where everyone shares everything, meals are ordered as a group. And you share them when they are served at the center of the eating table.
  7. Maglev. Starts just outside the Shanghai airport. Travels at 430 kmph! Is it amazing or is it amazing?
  8. You have Ferrari and Porsche showrooms in a city with population 1.75 million. Imagine that in India!
  9. Many Chinese don't like Japanese. Er, some Chinese dislike Japanese.
  10. You probably know this by now. That Chinese food in India. Yeah, it was invented in India.

What can I say about Shanghai? Theres already so much out there on the web.

Shanghai was my first trip outside of India. Ankur and I went there on a 5 day training program. Club two weekends with it. And I had a really amazing 9 day trip. I spent the first seven days in Shanghai and last two days in a nearby city Hangzhou. Some places of interest I remember seeing - Jin Mao Tower, Nanjing Xi Lu, Pub street, Fuzhou Lu and Huangpu river bund, Huaihai Lu, Yu Yuan gardens, etc. in Shanghai. West Lake and surrounding areas, Feilai Feng caves, Ling Yin Si buddhist temple (326 AD), Lie He (Six Harmonies) Pagoda on Qian Tang river (1156 AD), etc. in Hangzhou.

And here are some of the street shots taken in Shanghai and Hangzhou

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