Day 0 - London Stansted - Naples Airport - Sorrento

Day 1 - Lost City of Herculaneum, Ruins of Pompeii

The Bay of Naples is a semicircular arch extending from Naples to Sorrento and further curving into Amalfi Coast. Midway between Naples and Sorrento is the magnificient volcano Mt. Vesuvius. The sites of Herculaneum and Pompeii are a stones (long) throw away on either site of the mountain. Circumvesuviana is the local train running along the coast between Naples and Sorrento. The view of the Mediterranean Sea from the train as it navigates the little towns along the coast is beautiful! How do you say magnificient in Italian?

Day 2 - Rains, Walks in Sorrento

Sunday was a rainy and windy day. It rained all morning and the wind was relentless all day. I think it was the coldest windy day I have been out in the weather. The Mediterranean Sea was wild and crazy. Needless to say, we had to cancel our day-out in Island of Capri.

Day 3 - Back to London

I didn't have a chance to explore much of Naples. But they say it's an unruly, untidy, uncouth yet thoroughly warm, vibrant and interesting city. The train took me from Sorrento to Naples in the morning. On the way, Mt. Vesuvius sat squatly with a new snow cap from yesterday's cold rains and windy weather.

I had an hour or two in Naples before the flight to London. I walked into a cafe on the corner of city square. It was bustling with people and energy. Like the Italians, I ordered croissant and cafe - a shot of espresso - standing on the bar. For 2 euro, this was a great breakfast. The cafe was smooth (you got to agree Italians get their coffee right) yet strong (you could probably do more shots of Tequila than shots of this Espresso). A bus took me from the city to the airport on the outskirts. As it wound its way up the hills and pulled away from the city, the view of densely populated Naples city was splendid. A brown-beige array of homes and buildings against a backdrop of mountains created a harmonious wave of music. Beautiful spires of old Churches jutting out of the skyline added a crescendo to it. Rough factories and dirty mills and tall chimneys added a dash of amplitude and madness to the entire orchestra. Ciao Italy!

I usually leave a note of approximate trip cost somewhere in the travelogues. This is one of those trips where costs are best forgotten. It was something like P 66 (visa), P 56 (cancellations), P 246 (air tickets), E 54 (hostel) and E 100 (food and admissions). At the prevalent exchange rates, it hovers around Rs. 41k.

The aircraft flew over Florence, Milan, the Alps, Switzerland, Paris and English channel before landing in London Stansted. The view of Alps from the flight was inspiring - the south side was a complex graph of brown contours while a white blanket of clouds covered the northern side. A couple of hours in train and tube after landing at the airport, I made my way to office to bury my nose in Excel sheet and PowerPoint decks for whatever remained of the afternoon.

For the rest of the evening, I was only glowing with happiness. A certain kind of happiness that only travel can give you. Happiness that is a result of acute wanderlust.

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