It was noon on a Saturday and I was in the middle of a presentation to the partners of our investor firm in Delhi. My phone was incessantly ringing. My friend Sumit finally texted:

Dude. I can skip the flight now and we can both ride this evening.
But I need to know now
In security check line
I will find you another bike here somehow

Ok, time for flashback.

Sumit and I had spoken about doing a long weekend ride from Delhi to Dharamshala. But then I couldn't borrow an Enfield in Delhi. And I had this presentation on a Saturday morning. So I decided to skip the ride, stay back the weekend in Delhi and soak in the winter. And Sumit decided to fly to Dharamshala with his family.

And then Sumit texted from the airport security check queue. I excused from myself from the partner presentation for a 10 second call to say "Hell yes! I am in!"

I can't even imagine the look on Seema's (Sumit's wife) face when Sumit must have told her he is not taking the flight to Dharamshal with her. (And boys, that's why you should marry your most uber coolest girlfriend).

True to his promise, Sumit did find me a bike. A new Royal Enfield Desert Storm with less than 1,000 km on the odo. Well, it didn't happen without enough drama. But that's a story for another day.

The best rides happen with your crazy friends.

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