Spent a delightful month in the summer of 2015, working and vacationing. Here are notes from the trip.

8 Jun - A day in New York

9-12 Jun - Exploring the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

13-14 Jun - Family time in Omaha

15-22 Jun - San Francisco

20 Jun - Driving through the wine country in Napa Valley with Ankit and Akshay

23-26 Jun - Seeing New York with mom

27-28 Jun - Weekend in Boston

28 Jun - Exploring Yale University in New Haven with Pushan

29 Jun - 2 Jul - New York

2 Jul - Sailing in the Hudson with Hero and Young

3-5 Jul - Driving in New England with Aatif, Mari, Anant and Neha

Tags: Adventure Sports, Drive, North America