So here are my reasons why I love traveling with my Blackberry. Okay, I don't have 10 reasons, I just have 7. But '10 reasons I do this' sounds so much sexier!

7. Social Networks
Twitter and Facebook updates have changed the way we communicate with (broadcast to?) friends. These two apps fit snugly on my Blackberry and the real-time updates keep my friends excited about my trip. And when in doubt, you can ask Twitter. The instant replies cannot replace local advice, but it's a good to have.

6. Bots
A sweet little thing happened to railway bookings in India. Cleartrip's train search bot. Just add to your friends list. And you can know train availability anytime anywhere using Google Talk + plain English + Cleartrip bot.

5. Email
I know what you are thinking. Who needs email when on the road? Well, I do. Knowing that everything is just an email away gives me peace of mind. I stay calmer when I know things are under control back at the office. I like it that way. I can stay out longer on the road with access to my email. And here's the silver lining: whenever you want to shut out the world, just switch from GPRS mode to GSM mode. No data, all voice.

4. Web
You can't argue with that, can you? WikiTravel, Google and whole world wide web on your finger tips - a few QWERTY key strokes away!

3. Maps
Google Maps is sweetness when you are on the road. With Blackberry around, I never bother with paper maps. And then there is Google Latitude. I am not a big fan of Latitude when in city. But on road, this can be fun! Of course, there are times when I feel like getting completely lost, and I just let my Blackberry stay at the bottom of my bag.

2. No Laptop
With Phone, Email, Web, Chat, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Maps and Apps packed into one small gadget, I would barely need a laptop even if I'm out for a week. Not having to tug along 2-3 kilos and still not miss my laptop is a huge win for me.

1. Notes
Blackberry is a great tool to make notes while traveling. Sure, you can use pen and paper. But it's easier to access, add, edit and delete information using a Blackberry. I have made travel notes before starting on a trip, and never lost-that-piece-of-paper! I have used my Blackberry to jot down routes, kilometer readings, names of people and other trivia that you would never make a note of. And when I stitched all this information back into a travelog, my friends were often (pleasantly) surprised.

And like most other phones, Blackberry doubles up as alarm, world clock etc. No, I don't use it for pictures, videos and music. That's not what a Blackberry is meant for. Oh, and there are purists who want to stay away from all technology when traveling. To each his own. I respect your view.

Written: Mar 09